Welcome To Sillysparkles

We are a mummy & kiddie team who have been experimenting with Sensory Play, learning opportunities, crafts and cookery together for the last few years. By seeing what we get up to we are able to best advise or inspire you to recreate these  ideas with your own kiddies with the least amount of setup, mess and with more direction and purpose to the play! Although the main aim will always be centred around the FUN of PLAYING and EXPLORATION!!!
 Meet the Sillysparkles Team!

Hi, I’m Mama Sillysparkles! I’m a thirty-something SAHM with an interest of in early years teaching which I hope to build upon soon by becoming a teaching assistant. Whilst my kiddies are little we are enjoying home-life together which is good practice for my professional life when they are old enough for school!Sparklebug is three now and growing up into a beautiful, clever and inquisitive young lady. My youngest child – Sillypup is one years old and believes himself  to be much older! He definitely has a fearlessness to his exploration and how he approaches play!

I find having two kiddies with totally different personalities gives Us here at Sillysparkles HQ, a varied incite into how many kiddies enjoy playing  – especially with the many open ended play sessions we document for you through the website!
Feel free to browse and comment, we’d love to hear from you!
Many thanks! The Sillysparkles Team!!! xx
                 goldilocksTot-School-Gathering-Place-Week-95titchy witch

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