An Incredibly Sweet Cupcake Sensory Bin (aka ”The Pat-a-Cake Bakery”)

Displaying  Well, hello folks! Howz everyone doing? We’ve had a lot of fun recently here at Sillysparkles HQ ushering in springtime play and willing winter to finally end, However, opposed to all my wishing it actually got colder and SNOWED!!! Brrrr!

I thought I’d share with you a fantastic sensory bin inspired by a request from Sparklebug! She wanted a sensory bin centred around the traditional song lyrics ‘pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake baker’s man, bake me a ‘cakie’ as fast as you can…  for baby and me’ etc). But this sensory bin would also make lovely Valentine’s Day sensory play!

I love an opportunity for clean play so we got the brightly coloured pom poms out to mix with the Shape Sorting Cupcakes from Learning Resources. As you well know, we at Sillysparkles  ADORE learning resources toys and have lots of different ones which often make their way into our sensory bins! They’re so fab for open-ended play!


1CUPCAKEBIN 102 (1)Sillypup got these (Learning Resources ‘Smart Snacks’ Shape Sorting Cupcakes) for Christmas and he loves taking them apart and popping them back into their baking tray! Sparklebug loves to use them for imaginative play so they get good use in our house with all ages!

Just Look how beautiful and vibrant the bin turned out! Lots of opportunity for sorting into size order, colour groups, pattern sequencing, even sorting into different textures! All that fun as well as the imaginative play aspect of this bin had they engulfed in their little world for hours and hours (in fact days and days!!).

Sparklebug loved ‘baking’ her creations in a decorated cardboard box ‘oven’!

 1CUPCAKEBIN 160_picmonkeyed                1CUPCAKEBIN 137_picmonkeyed

And feeding ‘pat-a-cake’ creations to her baby doll whilst singing ”… put it in the oven for baby and me!”
1CUPCAKEBIN 094_picmonkeyed

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlthough I do have a little confession…! I did start out much more adventurous with porridge oats and red pom poms for cherries… But, Sillypup being Sillypup began scooping handfuls of oats around the floor and dive-bombing himself across them. I admit even I have days I really can’t do mess so we swapped it for the pom pom and cupcake items instead!

I’m sure we’ll do a part two post on this bin as the kiddies did love it but as you can see – Sillypup took full advantage of making a mess with this one so perhaps do on a day you have time to clear up afterwards!

Sillypup ‘dive-bombing’ porridge oats!

1CUPCAKEBIN 012_picmonkeyed (1)                      1CUPCAKEBIN 009_picmonkeyed

Back to our current bin, here is the oven complete with real (washed out) cake ingredient containers that we keep in our collection for just such a occassion!

And lots of examples of sorting and tweezering! I have to say all their creations were so beautiful I had to keep clicking away with my camera!!

1CUPCAKEBIN 120_picmonkeyed1CUPCAKEBIN 125_picmonkeyed

Sparklebug end enjoyed herself throwing matching coloured pom poms into cupcake cases with Mama Sillysparkles!

1CUPCAKEBIN 141_picmonkeyed

Whilst Sillypup busied himself with a task he loves to do – screwing the jam jar lids on and off! Great ‘real world’ practice for my little ‘safebreaker’ who gets into everything these days! No wonder he loves doing this! lol!

1CUPCAKEBIN 114_picmonkeyed

So there you have it! another sensory bin for you to try out with your own little people! This one is very clean and adaptable to all sorts of imaginative play and general fun!  The bright colours definitely entice them into playing for a substantial amount of time! Good fun and a must do!


Also don’t forget to grace us with your own comments and examples of sensory bins you’ve tested out! We’d love to include them in our posts and possibly even feature you in your very own post right here on the Sillysparkles Website!!!

Till next time, with love from all here at Sillysparkles HQ! xx


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