Cutie Crawlies Sensory Bin

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAUnique, attractive counters combine modern design and colours for early maths fun!

This week we injected a little bit of springtime into our chilly January using some of our amazing Learning Resources In The Garden Counters (Set of 72). Sparklebug had been wanting these for a good six months so we treated her at Christmas! She absolutely adores all the learning resources counters (we have a few different sets at home) and she was really excited when she saw these!


To make this particular sensory bin ‘filler’ it couldn’t have been easier! I just bought 1 bag of dried cannellini beans, 1 bag of green split peas and 1 bag of red split peas and dumped them into our water & activity table (If it looks familiar to you it’s because it’s from ELC!)

Sparklebug and Sillypup set about mixing the beans and peas together (i’d dumped the bags of peas in separate sides of the table instead of premixing to see what ideas they would come up with!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHalf way through play I cut simple leaf shapes out of green napkins because… what’s a cutie crawlie garden without some undergrowth to hid in!? This opened up a lot of imaginative play and questions about bugs.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAll the beans and peas were a great opportunity for the kiddies to dig scoop and pour using all the utensils we’d gathered in our equipment basket (also contains pippets, tweezers, measuring cups etc).


Lastly I added 2 wooden caterpillars which were gifts so I’m unsure what shop they came from but Sparklebug made a ‘bee-line’ (excuse the pun!) for them. She made little leafy beds for them when I told her that bugs like to hide in all the leaves on the ground!

Sparklebug’s ‘caterpillar nursery’


This sensory bin provided hours and hours of fun for both kiddies and the filler was particularly great for exploring scooping qualities, separating by size and colour and for hiding the bug counters in!


Sillypup exploring sifting the beans and peas through his fingers –

he did this for a very long time!



One thing I loved about this sensory bin was that it was one of the easiest to keep tidy. the beans and peas are big enough to pick up by hand so I didn’t even need to hoover up after the play was finished!

I was so confident of this I didn’t even bother with a messy mat underneath the table and that, my friends, is unheard of from me!!

These beans and peas are versatile enough to be a lovely addition to our stored sensory fillers ready to have ‘on hand’ and be reused in many different sensory bins and small worlds.

So, for those of you ready to do away with the winter blues and icy mornings, join me in welcoming a little bit of springtime to your kiddies play!

You could even extend this idea –  wrap up warmly, bring a magnifying glass, bug jar and explore the undergrowth in the park! See if you can find your own real life cutie crawlies small world!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Have fun exploring and till next time my friends, keep us updated with your comments and photos! We love hearing from you and especially about your playtimes!

Feel free to let us know what you’ve been up to and you could be in with a chance to be featured in your very own post!


3 thoughts on “Cutie Crawlies Sensory Bin

    • Sillysparkles says:

      they’re awesome aren’t they – we love the learning resource counters! we have the wild animals, sealife dinos and family counters all from the same range! they get used almost every day and in so many ways! xx


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