Meerkat Manor Sensory Bin

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  We’re back and with a brand new post for you all! Hi! So it looks as if Sillysparkles HQ has been taken over by meerkats this week!

With the purchase of more than a few ‘Go Compare’ insurance polices we are the very proud owners of s Sergei and an Olaf! It is due to the popularity of these little dudes that I knew the kids would adore this sensory bin theme! And that was an serious understatement!!

It was one of my faves too since it required no time setting up and was absolutely free too! So easy! We already had the chocolate cloud dough from which we used with a previous sensory bin (read more about that in our ‘Soft & Silky Seaside Sensory Bin’ post). With the addition of a few toilet rolls, stones and a family of Sylvanian meerkats, we were all set!

There was lots of general play scooping and sieving the chocolate cloud dough and molding little dens and meerkat bolt holes using cardboard tubs.


Container play using our box of on-hand supplies we’ve stocked up on!


A meerkat hidey hole!   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

For some reason Sillypup just kept scooping and scoffing the chocolate cloud dough the look on his face was priceless! He got all intoxicated by the chocolate scent and that was it! Mind you it was almost lunchtime which would have explained his sensory snacking! lol!!


After a bit of discussion with Sparklebug about meerkats during the play, She suggested we added the bug counters and measuring worms for meerkat snacks! We then settled into watching a few meerkat documentaries including a brilliant BBC one by Simon King called Meerkats: One of the Team – Natural Planet.


Sparklebug began setting up a meerkat in her own hidey hole and feeding her bug snacks and then asked me to photograph her set up! It was hilarious coming from her since I am always asking her to pause so I can take photos for her blog! lol!


Lastly since the kiddies were both running around the house pretending to be meerkats (yes, really!!!), I decided to create a meerkat bolt hole of their very own! I used a fur throw and cushions to create a snug inside their tent (currently in our living room) and even popped ‘Sergei’ on top of the tent to act as ‘meerkat sentry’ and stand guard whilst they pretended to nap in their underground burrow! Such a cute imagination and lovely playing together!


Such a wonderful day, i thoroughly enjoyed seeing them so happy and love the fact that they took their play in so many different directions! They also learnt a little bit about meerkats, their homes, what the like to eat, why they are so timid and how they have a nice close family unit too!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I was going to pack this sensory bin away since its slap bang in the middle of my dining room right now but they’ve played for hours and hours with it and even asked to play with it throughout the day when i had placed the lid on the activity table!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo, I’m going with what they want right now and they can have a little play first thing in the morning before Sparklebug sets off for playgroup for the morning! Mind you, if Sillypup continues to chomp through the cloud dough like he has today I will need to think about restocking the supplies! lol!

Please have a go at this super easy, super quick sensory bin. I’m not sure there’s a kiddie on this planet who hasn’t loved either the ‘Go Compare’ adverts or the documentary series ‘Meerkat Manor’!

Great for imaginative small world play, a great sensory experience (and completely edible cloud dough by the way!) and a fantastic chance to introduce real world examples, geography, zoology (we even touched on meerkat food chains!) and it would be fantastic coupled with a visit to the safari or zoo to see real meerkats in action!

Till next time, love Sillysparkles, Sparklebug and Sillypup! xxx


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